Friday, April 19, 2013

What God Sees

When you got out of bed this morning, did you see Joy?  Were you filled with possibility or stifled by your list before you even opened your eyes?  

When you got dressed, did you see Holiness?  Did you clothe yourself in fine linen and purple because you are a temple or did you shame the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit for its cellulite and hide it under black stretchy pants?

When you ate breakfast, did you see Manna?  Did you nourish yourself with goodness or did you feel fat and guilty for every bite?  Or did you even feed yourself at all?

When you dressed your kids, did you see Love?  Did you see capable hands that fed and clothed and nurtured?  Or did you see clumsy fingers that cling when they should let go and sometimes neglect to hold at all?

When you hugged your husband good bye, did you see Desire?  Did you pause to love and be loved or did you pull away because, honestly, it just reminds you of your failure to be beautiful?

When you looked in the bathroom mirror this morning, did you see your Self?  Or did you long since hide her away, sealing her heart shut with resignation and pursed lips?  

What did you see?

Let me tell you what God sees.

God first made the heavens and the earth, the dark and the light, and He saw that it was good.

But that wasn’t enough, so He made the sky and saw that it was good too.

Still He wasn’t satisfied, so He added land and sea and plants and trees.  And He saw that it was good.

But the sky was dark.  So He hung the moon and the sun and the stars to make it bright.  Again, He saw that it was good, but still....

He filled the sky with birds and the water with fish.  And these too He saw good, but there is more.

He set animals on the land to roam and to graze, each according to their kind.  Also good, but not yet complete.

He formed a man from the dust and breathed into him His very own breath of life.  And all of this He saw was very good.  But the Creator of the universe yearned for one more thing.... 

And so He made you, daughter of Eve.

And then He rested.

You created the deepest parts of my being.
You put me together inside my mother’s body.
How You made me is amazing and wonderful.
I praise You for that.
 Psalm 139:13-14

This blog post inspired by the book Captivating by Staci Eldredge.  Great book!  Wild at Heart by her husband John is even better...